Sunny Villa Restaurant is in the heart of snowmobile country! Accessible from Corridor 19 Polly’s Crossing, this state-run snowmobile trail literally runs to Canada from here. The foundation of this trail is an old railroad bed which means its a smooth ride. But this isn’t the only trail. We have access to a lot of trails in our region. Sunny Villa has a full-size Tucker groomer to groom our vintage snowmobile track and trail access points.

In 2010 when Tim cleared 500 trees to create the track for snowmobile racing there was a field of dreams reaction from the community. Since then Sunny Villa has created a fun community around a love of old snow machines.

Every Sunday, snow permitting, Sunny Villa hosts vintage snowmobile racing. All snowmobiles must be 1982 models or older, with leaf spring front ends.

To us its all about finding the old machine and having family members working together and interacting.  Tim enjoys the stories from kids coming to say that they’d found this old machine and worked with a relative to get it going or asking where they can get parts.

For More Information about Vintage Snowmobile Racing at Sunny Villa click the links below and don’t forget to check out the Sunny Villa Vintage Snowmobile Racing Facebook Page